Asset Management

When considering an investment, it is necessary to have a clear goal in mind and be committed to reaching that goal. Having an exhaustive picture of your current wealth and a clear vision of how to grow it is key. That is why having a professional to help you manage your investments, invest on your behalf, give you access to the right advice at the right time and offer a wide range of investment solutions makes all the difference.

Basically the financial market is divided into five main asset classes:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Property
  • Commodities
  • Cash

Each class exhibits a different level of volatility, risk and growth. Therefore, it is important to have the right allocation at the right time to achieve a clearly defined goal. Based on that principle, it’s easy to understand why more conservative strategies typically have only a small portion of the assets invested in the stock market, which typically demonstrates significantly higher risk than alternative asset classes. At Richelieu International we believe that every portfolio must be well diversified to minimise the risks. The worst and most common mistake people make managing their assets by themselves is that they allocate all of their available capital into only one asset class (such as property). Our advisers are able help you avoid risky or low-return asset allocation strategies by providing you with the right advice and putting you on the path towards financial security.

Richelieu International offers a simple, convenient and affordable way to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio without having to select and manage the individual investments yourself.