Regular Saving Plan

It is essential to save for the future on a regular basis, but everyone needs flexibility. The power of a committed savings plan is huge and as time is such an important factor in ensuring you allow your money to grow it is important to take the opportunity to save as early as possible. At Richelieu International, we offer very affordable and flexible plans that, through the power of compounding interest, can become a significant amount of money ideal for substantial future expenditures, such as; retirement, a child’s education fees, or simply additional wealth.

At term, all our regular saving plans give you access to the whole capital or can be used as annual income. Unlike a pension, the plans provide much more flexibility. They enable you to make withdrawals at any time after the initial allocation period and there is no obligation to purchase an annuity at the end of the premium term.



  • Flexible saving plan
  • Start with only 300 USD per month
  • Access to your Online account 24/7
  • Get a dedicated advisor with no extra charge
  • Enjoy an international solutions that offer tax-advantages


  • Multi Currency Fund Platform
  • Access to the top Fund Managers
  • Access to the best Multi-Asset Strategy Funds
  • No arbitration fee