Education Fee Planning

One of the most important financial actions you are likely to take as a parent is to plan for the cost of a child’s future education. The best preparation is to provision for the fees with savings products, utilising compounding interest to grow your balance.

College costs are rising

Education costs are rising at more than twice the rate of inflation and parents are figuring out that it’s not just another cost but an important life event.

Education Fee Planning is important

Twenty years ago, planning for retirement was vital but only a small proportion of people properly planned for it, today everyone does. The same has become true for the cost of education, which is rapidly becoming a life event that unprepared parents see turning into an unaffordable luxury. It is clear that as a parent you would like nothing more but to provide the very best for your children.

Free strategic consultation

At Richelieu International we believe that any objective is achievable if it is given the right time-frame and the correct strategy. Our advice can let you enjoy financial freedom whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are giving your child an exceptional start in life.



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