Structured Notes

Structured notes: an investment opportunity

Structured notes are a type of financial instrument that combines the features of debt securities and derivatives in order to meet the risk and return preferences of investors. They are issued by investment banks, allowing investors to benefit from potential appreciation of underlying investments without taking on the risk associated with direct investment in the underlying asset. These notes also provide a way of hedging risk and participating in a wide array of markets and asset classes. Given their customizable nature, structured notes can be crafted to meet specific investment objectives such as capital protection, time horizon and return level desired.

Advantages of structured investment

Structured investments can offer protection against market downturns. Unlike other financial instruments, investors who purchase structured notes might be entitled to receive some or all of their principal investment back, even if the market drops. Overall, structured products present a unique opportunity for investors. They provide access to a variety of markets and asset classes, can be tailored to meet specific objectives, and may offer additional protection and tax advantages for the informed investor.

Work with Richelieu International to find the perfect note for you

Before selecting a structured note, investors should complete their own due diligence or consult a certified financial planner. Richelieu International can help investors find the structured notes that best meet their needs.



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